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Things to consider when building a pool

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Having made the decision to install a swimming pool in your backyard there are still plenty of things to think about and plenty of steps to take before you can take your first refreshing dip. Before you even contact a pool builder it is a good idea to research a little about design and construction options. You also need to think about how you will maintain your pool. Without the right pool pump and cleaner, your lovely crystal clear oasis will soon be less than appealing. Here are a few of the things you need to consider when planning your backyard pool.

Pool type
There are a number of different types of swimming pool available, each one with its own pros and cons. Above ground pools are cheap and simple to install, but are less aesthetically pleasing than other options. Fibreglass pools are good for complex designs, but are expensive to install and have limitations in terms of size and depth. Concrete pools are another potentially pricey option, but they are hard wearing and offer flexibility in terms of design. Vinyl lined pools are not as long lasting but they are cost effective solution and are very easy to maintain. No one type of pool is better than another. The key is to work out your priorities and match them to the right pool option.

Pool design
With the variety of pool types and materials available these days comes increasing flexibility in terms of design. You may decide that you want to opt for a simple conventional rectangular pool, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However if the shape of your backyard, or your creative vision, dictates something different you will almost certainly be able to find a pool builder to bring your design to life. This is a very important step in the process that will dictate the appearance of your pool, and most likely your entire backyard.

Additional features
Do you want to include any additional features in your pool, such as a water feature or spa. This kind of decision needs to be made at the same time as the overall pool design and it will impact significantly on the type of pool you choose.

Saltwater or traditional chlorine
In recent years saltwater pools have become more popular and they certainly do have some advantages over traditional chlorine pools. Many people find the relative lack of chlorine (saltwater pools are not completely chlorine free) makes for a more pleasant swimming experience that is gentler on the skin. On the other hand maintaining a saltwater pool can be expensive and the salt can cause damage over time to the lining of your pool, as well as cement, masonry and underwater lights.

Pool maintenance
Once your pool is ready for use you will want to keep it in good condition and make sure that the water is clean and clear. Therefore you need to choose the right pool cleaner, cover and pump for your swimming pool. 

Will you be integrating the pool into a wider landscaping project? If you are planning to landscape your backyard, it is a very good idea to put the pool in at the earliest stage, as it is a very disruptive process. You can take the opportunity to incorporate your pool design into a wider design aesthetic, so that it blends in effortlessly with the landscape in your backyard.

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