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Home Theater Furniture Ideas

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Theater Furniture that fits with your lifestyle will make your time to enjoy watching movie in comfortable. If you are planning to design your own home theater design or having a DIY home theater design, it's important to choose the best home theater furniture that fits with your personality.

Home theater furniture for seating
Home Theater Furniture
Home theater furniture
Choose the best style for seating furniture, sofa with leather or else, whatever the material that used for the sofa, you should ensure that the seating furniture are comfortable.

Modern Table for home theater furniture
A home theater usually doesn't need a big table, small table with modular steel and glass is the best table, Here is the figure.
Table for home theater furniture
Table for home theater furniture

Storage furniture and decoration
Home theater need more storage, use a cabinet or shelves to store CDs, and all your movie collection. Use also a rug in front of the sofa, sometime we can use the rugs for relaxing while enjoy the movie.
Storage home theater furniture and decoration
Storage home theater furniture and decoration

Green Bedroom Ideas (Update) for Small Homes

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Green bedroom ideas, alright, maybe you have visited my post about green bedroom decor, this time, I will re-post the ideas on using green bedroom for small house. One important thing, use a smart furniture for your bedroom, here is one sample.
Modern Smart Teenagers Green Bedroom
Modern Smart Teenagers Green Bedroom
Green bedroom ideas for children with storage
Green bedroom ideas for children with storage
small green bedroom
green bedroom

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget
Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget
Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget is mean that  a project to refacing your old bathroom into something fresh, new, and adopting the latest trend in bathroom ideas in affordable budget. There are many reasons of people when they want to remodel their bathroom, The most home owner said that the bathroom trend is changing so fast, so they should still on track to follow their bathroom ideas with the latest trend. 

Another people said that remodeling a bathroom to transform the current bathroom into modern bathroom will improve the value of the house, so they will get thousands dollar when they want to sell or rent their house after the bathrooms are remodeled. 

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2012 Trend

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Bathroom remodeling ideas transform your bathroom ideas into something fresh, up to date to the latest trend, although this is a new year moment, we should start to searching for the hottest trend of 2012 for your newest bathroom remodeling ideas.

When people want to change their bathroom setting or atmosphere, they need to come up with logical and understandable bathroom ideas. If they have small bathroom, don’t expect to be able to put some heavy or big bathroom cabinets or have shower and bath tub in two different places. Be reasonable and plan everything in details. Changing the room layout and feel doesn’t always mean to tear down everything and replace everything with new items. People only need to be creative and smart in implementing the bathroom ideas. If they’re low in the budgets, they can always use laminate covers to cover up their wall and floor. Not only these laminate covers are affordable and cheap, they’re also easy to install. If people are bored with the covers after some time, they can always take it off. They can also change small parts such as the towel hanger or the soap dishes. Such small replacements can bring out significant change immediately. It’s not difficult to come up with interesting bathroom ideas, Are you agree?

Below pictures are several best bathroom remodeling ideas for 2012, I hope you will interested to transform your old bathroom ideas into these ideas:
Bathroom ideas for 2012

Minimalist bathroom ideas for 2012

Stylish wooden bathroom ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Monday, January 2, 2012

Small bathroom Ideas
Small bathroom Ideas

Small bathroom ideas are popular now, most home owners use this great ideas to maximize the space of the house, There are so much tips on internet about this ideas, Here again, I want to share you several common tips on small bathroom ideas. As we know that the bathroom is a very vital part of a house, it should be designed in well function, sufficient lights, clean, good air circulation, and another important things.

Small bathroom ideas also be the cheapest remodeling bathroom on a budget job you can do. it is very simple and inexpensive, because of the wide array of products that are available for small bathrooms. A small bathroom can be have half-bath, Three-quarter bath, of full bath. A half bath usually has a toilet and sink, just a little space for basic needs and wash the hands. A Three-quarter bath is larger than the first, you can add a shower or tub, this bathroom ideas need more creative ideas to configure. And the last bathroom ideas in Full bath, Toilet, sink, shower, and tub.

I hope this tips are useful for you, below lists are the common ideas when designing a small bathroom ideas:
  • Save the space by using a pedestal sinks rather than a large vanity cabinet that can reducing the space.
  • Keep in mind to save more space, such as using a sliding door, Place toilet, sink, and shower/tub along one wall to mitigate costs, use a proportional trim, using linen closet, and using diagonal bathroom tiles.
  • Use lighter paint or installing more lamps to ensure that your small bathroom have a sufficient lights.

White Modern Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design is a popular kitchen ideas with special design, it's like an island, the table is separated with the main kitchen, a kitchen island usually designed and combined with dining room. This time, I will share you a series of white modern kitchen island design. I hope you will enjoy this. This amazing kitchen island is designed by Fifth Element Homes published on Houzz.com.this kitchen is an excellent look at utilizing a slightly smaller space in creating a totally functional yet distinctly classy kitchen set up. The elegance of the white finishing selected for this kitchen set up definitely suits the overall simplicity of the kitchen design.

The kitchen itself contains everything an aspiring cook may want and need in a simple home kitchen. Equipped with a gas hob, ventilation hood, double volume side-by-side refrigerator, oven and microwave, you could pretty much whip up a storm in this kitchen while the ventilation hood ensures that most of the smells created from cooking are swept into and away through the ventilation hood that sits snugly above the gas hob. Finished in brushed silver, all the appliances blend pretty well with the gloss white finish of the kitchen.

Full-height pull-out cabinets on the back wall and storage under both sides of the island provide enough storage while maintaining the kitchen's clean and minimal look. The walnut island blends beautifully with the rich flooring, and a white quartz countertop on the island offers a durable work surface.

Since the kitchen is so often the hub of these events, the client wanted to make sure this main level had an open floor plan that wouldn't divide the space up awkwardly. The kitchen is situated with a dining room and a sitting area directly to the side — a perfect way to control overflow while dinner is cooking, and allow guests to wander around without feeling separated from the action.

The back splash was handmade in a seamless custom concrete, which eliminates any grout lines. It was given a unique wave-like pattern and texture for visual interest. The texture is very subtle, which also makes it easy to clean.

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kitchen island - backsplash

White Kitchen Island

White Cabinet - kitchen island


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