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Living Room Remodeling Design, Go to Clean Looks!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Almost all room design on this year use a minimalist, modern and clean looks design, on the picture above, You can see the picture of "before and after" design of a living room. On first picture, there is a calm color and traditional design, bur after that on the right side, there is an after remodled libing room design. A more attractive purple color on furniture and wall combined with black and white floor color.
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This picture describe a before and after living room design, almost all things on "before" design are replaced woth the new and modern one. This white color are usually used for clean looks design. [via]

Clean Looks Bathroom Gallery with White Wall Color

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a clean looks bathroom ideas with white color, this bathroom also use a minimalist design with the design of box and wastafel.

Modern room Design with Full Color Combination

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unusual Stone Bathroom by Bigelli Marmi

A range that effortlessly accomplishes a look that is both minimalist and elegant, the Leonardo pieces are each carved from a solid block of stone. The designer, Franco Poli, describes the shape as a ‘water vortex’. Each piece resembles a funnel, flaring at the top and then narrowing beneath (this shape being most pronounced in the stunning free-standing basin, and repeated in each other piece to varying degrees). Water sweeps down the void and reminds us of that stone and water are ancient natural elements that have existed since time began.

White Sofa on Living Room

Friday, December 26, 2008

A clean looks living room usually used white or another brighter color, this is the basic of creating a minimalist and modern design, several best home design's room used this. Here are several white sofa that matched with all minimalist room design:
elliot sofa

shelterback sofa


visit west elm to order all decorations of those living room.

Modern Farm Dinning room from West Elm

A modern dinning room is not usually used a modern dinning furniture, this is a modern dinning room set with a traditional table, The decoration of wall and lighting system is combined of several west elm product.

Googlelandia, an unique interior of google's office

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here are several creative and unique interior design from google's office in Zurich, based on this creative design, we believe that creative people can be affected by their working room.
artificicial forest and bee's nestle

transparent chair

a canoe on class

rounded room and sliding curtain for room devider

game, fun and sport room with artistic lamp

Sculptor's Gallery for Modern Design

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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This sculptor design for wall and window is the next year trend in home design, the combination of simplicity, elegance, and modern style can be applied with wood and another material such as brick.
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The most application of sculptor is for windows, nin simetric size in each windows is not the problem, with this style, Your house will be better with a modern and simple design.
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Natural Tree House with Wooden Materials

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This tree house is not a really a house over the tree, it's situated in a dense grove of pines and hollies at Fire Island, New York.
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With a beautiful wooden exterior such as a carved wood sculpture, a full wooden interiors that make every one who stay there will feel comfort and convenience, there was an attracted to the treatment on the interior wall and cabinet surfaces - using raw looking cut cypress - as well as the bleached oak floor.
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Yellow and Bue in Bahtroom Design

I like this Yellow duck on this bathroom, a set of bathroom accessories with yellow-white and blue stripes. Similarly, the curtain's color also use those color.

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Transformable "Hide Away Bed", a Solution for Small Space

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Small Space Mode

Normal Space Mode

By this bed will allow You to make use of the normally lost space underneath your mattress for storage, use it for bedding, boxes, suitcases even your golf bag would not be a problem. The beds mechanism is designed for every day use, two powerful gas pistons assist both the lifting and lowering of the mattress. By visiting bonbon, You can viewing another style of the beds.
Now, there is no problem with small space, by this "hide away bed", You can fould out or fould in the bed, so You can use the space more efficient.

Room's Decorations with Plastic Material

Friday, December 19, 2008

The glass or another transparent material are usually been used for creating a modern furniture or another decorations. A glass decoration's lamp will make the room looks brightner.
On this picture, we can see that the color of each materials are similar, ......

Best Black and White Modern Bathroom Ideas

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here are several black and white best bathroom designs, On first picture, there is Delineo bathroom, the latest addition to the elegant Sottini Bathroom Suite Collection from Italian designer Franco Bertoli and Ideal Standard. The refined rectangles and fine edges of the design reveal trends that are leaving behind the cold minimalism that has been fashionable in recent years.

The next picture is The new SMALL+ bathroom, builds on the success of Space, the revolutionary bathroom concept introduced in 1998 by Ideal Standard. The SMALL+, bathroom suite designed by Franco Bertoli is a fun creation, presenting young and fresh designs that fit together for the intelligent use of available space in small bathrooms.

This is the Vision Washbasin and Arne Bathtub by Rapsel. Futuristic forms exemplify this modern bathroom furniture presented by the leading Italian company. The Arne bathtub has a retrospective edge, a tribute to the 1960’s chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen. With a distinctive and supportive back rest feature, the bathtub is made entirely from titanic resin; an inviting and iconic item to add to your bathroom.

Giuly Modern Kitchen with Natural Lighting

This is a Giuly kitchen, a modern home design with natural lighting from the ceiling. We can also provide a several pillows.

Tensile Fluidity, by 3deluxe 1/2

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This pavilion by 3deluxe somewhere outside the village Bad Driburg in Germany maintains the difference between ground and architecture, while at the same time bind them together firmly. Fascinating in that sense is the plinth at the point where the facade hinges into the pavement. Quite a contrast to the fashion to make buildings appear like they are floating above the ground – no, this pavilion stands its ground


Contemporary Bathroom Venities from My-Bath.Com

My-bath.com create a several contemporary bathroom venities, On this picture, we can see the special design of contemporary bathroom vanity with spacious cabinet storage, Recessed ceramic sinks, MDF wood with premium waster-resistant vaneer finish and mirror set.
Finished in a two toned silver and Grey veneer. It features a glass counter top and sink. This unit is made to order so that color of the glass is full customizable by the customer. This vanity includes all the plumbing hardware needed for a quick easy installation. Delivery of this unit takes between 20-27 days. For any question and order please visit my-bath.com.

Matching the Color of Living Room

Before buying any room's decorations and furniture, it will be better if we considering a several thing, The first thing is How it will our living room color be? the matched living room's color will make our living room more convinence and comfort. Here are several living room color designs:A living room with green and warm color combinations. A green sofa will looks more natural if we blend with yellow color for the curtain and window treatment. We should also censidering about the similarity color between the sofa and the floor.
Like the green one, the red sofa in our living room should combined with red window treatments, the similarity color shoud applied to another room's decorations such as lamp, floor and wall.
On this last living room design, described a natural color combinatin in each room's decorations, we can also combine this natural color with another color, but the important thing is we should have the dominant color.
Picture's source: www.look4design.co.uk/

Simple but Modern Bathroom Ideas, "The Sensamare Komplettbad from Hoesch"

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Sensamare Komplettbad from Hoesch combines simple forms into innovative designs for an engaging bathroom with minimalist style. Ovals feature prominently in the Sensamare Komplettbad creating a uniting theme between the pieces. The bath and basin both use the wide oval shape for their exterior forms, but inside they offer straight lines and rectangular vessels. This contrast of curving and linear geometry creates a dynamic tension and distinctive character for the Sensamare Komplettbad.

Cafe and Restaurant Design

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I collect several cafe or restaurant design, there are several styl of cafe and restaurant.This restaurant named four seasons restaurant, an international standard restaurant design, All of the room used a similar color, execpt the purple lamp design.
The name of this cafe is boolean cafe, This astonishing cafe at the University of Tokyo was designed by Torafu Architects. A creative collaboration of wood and skillful design.
This is an ancient cafe design, Afternoon Tea Room and stairway to balcony of Banquet Hall at Café Australia, Melbourne, c. 1917. Photograph from Magic of America by Marion Mahony, Vol 3 page 67b. Collection of The New-York Historical Society 78495d
This is a modern cafe at Japan.

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