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Avoiding Mistakes in Interior Design

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mistakes on interior design can happened in many cases, unsuitable selection of furnitures, not fit (too big or too small), to the decorations that are too focused on the decorating trend curve, and another small thing that make our room looks irreguler. Please note that the trend decor is something to recur, choose the decor trends you like, make a plan, and follow your plan wisely. So you do not need to throw too much money on parts that do not actually need.

Here are several mistakes in interior design and the solutions:

Not fit in furniture selections.
Plesase pay your attention to measure your space or room before buy a furniture.

Unbalanced between the function and the decoration value in room's decoration,
Pillows are great accessories to use to add interest and softness to a space, but they should be functional, not just decorative.

Hang All Your Artwork and Mirrors at the Same Height
We Should undertsand that people’s eyes are not at the same height. Think about it: a 6-foot person’s eyes are higher than those of someone sitting on a chair.

Docorate the rooms with the last trend in a continuous time
Choose trends you really like and decide how you can get the look without spending a lot of money. There are ways to incorporate decorating trends into your decor without making a total change. You’ll save money but not be left behind the decorating curve.

Best Bedroom Color Based on Feng Shui Principles

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chinese people believed that if we choose our room's paint color based on Feng Shui principles, the change of the colour in each room will help it's occupants to sleep in better on bedroom (increased the quality of sleep), warmer and livened up each kind of conversation of the family's member on dinning room, and bring an 'oasis' sense that was calm and peaceful on bathroom. Feng Shui can be applicated both on traditional or modern Chinese Bedroom.

Here are several color and Feng Shui principles with a pa-kua chart.
Choosing bedroom based on pa-kua chart.
Each bedroom is the most comfortable place, where you could rest and release the fatigue. Quite a few people who wanted their bedroom to become the romantic place, or the place where all of the family's members could sleep together. That was a big but normal mistakes.
For example, If the bedroom of an artist was in the position of fame section, She/He will possibly be tempted to colour of his/her bedroom with the red colour to increase his popularity. I was sure this artist could not be sound asleep in the red coloured bedroom! You know why? Because red including in the colour that, while sleep was Yin. It might be better if the artist did several matters like: placed a pillow, the doll, or the coloured photograph frame red in his bedroom, and coloured this room with calm colours that more calmed such as Blue.

Chose the colour for the child's bedroom possibly a little complicated. Most parents wanted to use the pale (pale) colour or the pastel colour that including the category of the Yin colour with the intention to increase the value of their children, but we must remembere that the children room was the place for sleeping and playing in the same place or time.

The solution is combining the colour of the wall that use soft colour room (pale/pastel) with several accessories of room (i.e. carpet, the doll, toys, the desk, table light, etc.) that use a contrast colour. Another thing that could be done to make the area playing in bedroom was by using the partition of the room, so in the same time, the children could play while resting in their bedroom.

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Arranging a minimalist living room with minimalist furnitures

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Organised a living room in the house with varying measurement was a special challenge. Apart from must be appropriate to receive the guest, this space must be arranged as comfortable as possible and did not make an impression that the room was full. For this, some people abolished the sitting room in his house. In cute houses, this living room's function was often combined with other space. For example the close guest was at once invited to enter the lounge room. In the meantime, we can receive several guest in several place in the same time.

However, for several people, the living room is the most important room that eflected the character of the house owner. For small house, an adequate measurement is the important thing that should be be appropriate to receive the guest, this space must be arranged in order to save the space, but for a quite wide house, this is a big problem. We can also choose a several minimalist furniture to decor our living room.

Chinese Modern Bedroom Design

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is another Blakes Hotel's Room, another Asian style room design. On above picture, there is a modern Chinese bedroom design with red color combined with purple. And on this below picture, There is another Chinese bedroom design with red and white curtains. Several wooden box are the special decoration in Asian room design. Blended with red carpet, this bedroom looks matched on each decorations.

Black and White Room Ideas for Hotel

Large and comfortable lobby is the favorite design for hotel, this is a black and white lobby design from Blakes Hotel, London. Designed by Anouska Hempel, this is an elegant hotel with Japanese style on it's rooms. The lobby and common areas of the hotel are designed in a stark and modern design with heavy Japanese overtones.A zen bedroom to match with another black and white room design.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Black and White Bathroom IdeasThis picture described a smart use of the slanted walls for bathroom, this black and white bathroom ideas taken from Blakes Hotel, the use of black and white color make the room looks clean and neat.
Black and White Bathroom IdeasThis is another Black and White bathroom, the most dominant of the black and white decorations is in it's floor, in order to make this bathroom matched, we use white closet and basin.
More Black and White Bathroom Ideas:

Large Windows on Modern Home Design

Monday, November 24, 2008

If you see this several picture of a modern home design, the most dominant on this building is the style and the size of the windows. Thiss glass window provide a lot of sun's light to improve the natural lighting.

This window or maybe glass wall will let you see an amazing views in all side of your house.

Natural Home Design with Nature Materials

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whatever you searching the best home design, you will feel better after found a natural home design. The most important thing in building a house is the comfortability of the room. We can provide the natural sense with designing our home to respond to the sun's light. This light will reduce the usage of electrical lamp. In designing a natural home design, we should considering about the form and the function of our furnishings and decorations. Bamboo or wooden blind and wall is the smart choice a natural home design. We can also maximizing the naturality with choosing a wooden floor.

More Ideas on Ceiling Design with Lighting

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ceiling is one of an important thing in interior design, an elegant ceiling with lamp will make the room more elegant too. Here are several ideas on ceiling design with the lighting.

Ceramic Vs Vinyl Flooring Materials

Vinyl FlooringVinyl Flooring:
This flooring pattern is most commonly used in kitchen and bathrooms. However, if you are planning to install vinyl flooring in your house then you need to be aware as it is installed using adhesives. This flooring will be a complete failure if your flooring surface will be subjected to extremely cold temperatures. These tiles come in variety of colors and patterns and are the least expensive option for anyone to make use of
Ceramics floor
Ceramics floor:
If you want to add elegance to your home décor, ceramic tile flooring is one of the best options. Nothing can beat its beauty as this is available in many different colors and designs. This type adds great value to your home but, it might be a costly affair for some. Such floorings have a huge advantage as it will not stain, burn or fade.
source: designbuzz

Residential Contemporary Design for Apartments

Friday, November 21, 2008

Victoria Apartments comprises eleven private apartments and landscaped amenity spaces Landmark, Angled and terraced façade minimises loss of light to existing buildings and enhances privacy, Modern use of brick and stone is contextual in this sensitive location. These complete home plan make this contemporary home as a best home for contemporary style.

Minimalist Bedroom Design for blended wall color

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Minimalist bedroom Bedroom for blended wall color, purple bedroom
minimalist bedroom design for blended wall color, white and ivoryA great combination of art and natural. A key of minimalist room design is the composition of all room's components. Except bathroom lighting, one of the component is the color of the room, the similar color between the floor and the wall is the main component. A minimalist design of the bedroom is the special shape of the bedroom, with a lower size and special style.

Best Green Home Design as eco-friendly House

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

best green home design
best green home designNowadays, there are a lot of demands to make the design of the environment-friendly house , there are a lot of best green home design, so, “Green living” and “eco-friendly” are now part of our everyday lexicon. Perhaps that is because now we have a grasp of how our daily rituals impact the earth. Taking a shower, brushing our teeth, switching on a lamp and driving to work are seemingly harmless actions that can negatively affect the world in which we live. But there are simple, effective ways consumers can make a positive impact on the environment–individually and globally speaking on home design.
best green home designTo add elegant fabrics to your home, turn your attention to the bedroom, since many companies have released lines of organic bedding–sumptuous linens made without chemical dyes or bleaches, and which feature exotic designs no different than other elegant bedding collections.
best green home design

Best Green Kitchen Design, Natural Looks Kitchen

Best Green Kitchen Design, Natural Looks Kitchen
Best Green Kitchen Design, Natural Looks KitchenForrest green is one of several best color for kitchen and another room today, this color represent the nature. This color also called an eco-friendly color, so, I'ts not a big mistake if we change our color favorite for a while in this anti global warming color. This best green home design can bring the sense of convenience into our house as one of way to get home improvement.

Best Home Design for Skinner Residence, an energy efficient house

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a great environmentally sustainable solutions, this is the Best Home Design for Skinner Residence. By creating an energy efficient house, the house created in a connection with the demolished home through recycling and re-use of materials. A connection to outdoor living was required which utilized existing ground levels to provide interaction with the land slope at the rear. Energy efficiency was achieved in the large floor area by enabling the home to be locked down in winter to reduce energy consumption and apply passive solar heating in the rear areas. Use of natural stone inside and out provides a physical connection between the 2 spaces.

Store Design with Creative Design

Designed by fabrica's young designers, valentina carretta and sam baron, this creative store design's atmosphere is low-tech and uses elements which are typically associated with the construction industry: wooden boxes, concrete quarterdecks, pallets and electrical devices, alongside other furnishings. the walls are decorated with hand-drawn graphics by marta teixeira.

Modern Store Design with L-Shaped Walls

How to maximize the use of the small room? one of the solution for this problem is use special shape of the room. On this example, Duras Ambient Fukuoka is an apparel shop designed by Sinato, located in Fukuoka, Japan, the store is situated in a corner lot of a building. The interior is made up of five L-shaped walls which nest within one another. These dividing structures are used as displays and are randomly distanced, forming both wide and narrow two-way paths within the store.

'The Observers' - The Family of Green Wraps' Home Design

Dutch architectural firm MVRDV designed 'the observers - the family of green wraps' house, for the next-gene 20 project. This future best green home designs keeping with the exhibition theme of houses incorporated into the landscape of ao di taiwan, they developed a house that grows within the landscape. the houseconsists of numerous rooms that can be shuffled to form various compositions. by shuffling the rooms around different views can be seen of the mountain, valley and forest. once the configuration has been decided the house is wrapped with a flexible green skin.

Best Green Minimalist Villa Design by Ianplus

Best Green Minimalist Villa Design by Ianplus
Best Green Minimalist Villa Design by IanplusA modernized villa design with minimalist room design, created for next generation home design. Built in an unique style, this villa used a compact concept to resolve the lack of space. A good ideas in home improvement for todays housing problem solution.

Next Generation Asian Home Design with 'Cocoon' Style

Taiwanese architect Kris Yao designed 'cocoon', The next generation Asian best home design, based on the protective covering of the same name. It consists of two main spaces a shell and a core. Series of arched steel beams construct the contour of the shell. Between the beams are bamboo and steel tubes laid out in a random fashion. On the inside of the shell a layer of moveable fabric stretches to provide shading. The core is divided into three separate levels which consists of a master bedroom with two terraces, living room, a study, a game room, gym and a kitchen. Between the core and the dining room is a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The terraces of the master bedroom connect the inside to the outside.

Cool Modern Interior Design with White Color

The white colour in home design will make the visible room clearer and cleaner. the election furniture with appropriate colour will increasingly make the atmosphere of the room become more comfortable

Modern Home Landscape Design as The Face of the House

Thursday, November 13, 2008

There are a lot of way to improve the house, one of them is creating a landscape. A modern landscape is the important thing to improve the elegance of the house. Not only to improve the house beautifulity, as the face of the house, landscape should give us a freshness situation of the house from outside. In modern home design the landscape is very important because of how visible it is from the inside of the home. So many large expanses of glass give amazing views of the outdoors and the landscape should esthetically compliment the architecture.

Japanese Home Design with Open Space

There’s a natural sympathy between modern and traditional Japanese design, If you see all Japanese home design, You will see a natural sense blend with modern style. But You will also seeing the blend of art and modern sense too. Because lack of space is such a dominating factor in Japanese interior design, minimalist room design is the best choice for Japanese home design, with opened space, the room will looks more wider than the real.

Black and White Modern Room Design

Black and White Modern Room DesignModern design use unusual design on it's decorations, The use of basic colors such as black and white in interior design can create a stunning and dramatic decor. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room. That's why, a lot of people doing their home improvement project by doing a house remodeling to get fresh and clean design.
This black modern furniture give us an elegance sense with special shape that can make us relax on it.
Black and White Modern Room DesignThe use of white color can bring the sense of clean and neat.

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