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Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Sunday, December 25, 2011

bathroom ideas

Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, are you have just a little space to design your bathroom? or you need to add a simple bathroom on your house, or maybe you want to design a guest bathroom? this bathroom ideas my inspire you how to design a small bathroom, the article was taken from mlejit.net, the topic is about small bathroom ideas, the tips can also be applied for bathroom remodeling ideas, here are the tips:
  • Pick a pearly white color on bathroom tile ideas or bathroom paint ideas, Go with classic white and express your sense of style with the design of the fixtures.
  • Use a sliding door, avoid to use a sing door that need more spacious, try to use a sliding door, you will get a gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing.
  • Good lighting, Small spaces call for good lighting to avoid feeling cramped and depressing. It’s doubly important in bathrooms where shaving and applying makeup require strong light. So don’t skimp on light fixtures. Instead, consider using both wall-mounted sconces and ceiling-hung fixtures. Remember, windows provide natural light, which is an easy and inexpensive way to open up a small room or small bathroom ideas.
  • Bathroom tile ideas and sink, One way to choose which type of flooring you are going to settle with is see which type of material you used on the sink. Ceramic counter top and tiles will probably be the easiest to find and the most inexpensive. The most expensive of the materials will probably be glass.
  • Bathroom decorating ideas, Bathroom decorating for some of several bathroom ideas can become quite costly, there are some great small bathroom decorating ideas that you can use if your bathroom isn’t huge, selecting the right colored paint, choosing the best bathroom furniture, or you can also call a professional to help you
 to see details, please visit http://mlejit.net/interior/bathroom-ideas-to-transform-your-small-bathrooms/

Small bedroom ideas for couples

Friday, December 23, 2011

Small bedroom ideas usually adopted by young couples, there are two main problem in designing  small bedroom ideas for young couple. One, Clear the Clutter, Nothing says, "not tonight honey", than a bedroom that is messy and unorganized, Take a quick look at your room? Well, how does it stack up? Laundry put away, bed made, clothes picked up and out of sight? . And two, Get rid of all other distractions, Where is your mind wandering, when you are in your bedroom? Remember, this is about romance and concentrating on just the two of you.
bedroom ideas for couple
bedroom ideas for couple
Small bedroom ideas for couple should be romantic, what ever the bedroom themes you used, we need some fresh flower, scatter rose petals, and lighting ideas. Lighting is very effective in spicing up romance. Light scented candles and position them all over the room. Dim the lights or turn them completely off, so the candlelight can create a romantic glow.
Small bedroom ideas for couples
Small bedroom ideas for couples

Purchase a new set of silk or satin sheets to give your bed a romantic and luxurious look and feel!, Take down the family photos. Choose to display them in another room, you don't want grama and the kids watching you. Instead choose a couple of romantic pictures and or mirrors. Okay, you now have more than a few Romantic Bedroom Ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Now, it's your turn to take these ideas and add your personal touch, to create that romantic haven you've always dreamed about.

Small Bedroom Ideas
Small Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom ideas for teenage girls

Bedroom ideas are today's hot topic, the moment of new year home decoration make the trend on home designs are changing so fast. People try to searching for the trend for each home decoration. Here again, I will share you several bedroom ideas for teenage girls, this post is inspired by bedroom ideas for young adults.

Most of the teen girls bedroom designs are wanted by girls with pink color to explore their romantic feeling. Having lovely and romantic teen girls bedroom become one of the girls dreams as from this room comfort and pleasure can be well experienced by teen girls. Teenage girls are special, they want to decorate her private room in special too, so it's important to adopt her interest or hobby to the theme of the bedroom, Here are some bedroom ideas that you can apply for your teenager.
Bedroom Ideas for Teenage girls
Bedroom Ideas for Teenage girls
Bedroom ideas for teenage girls from digsdigs.com
Bedroom ideas for teenage girls from homedesignsnow.net

Bedroom ideas for teenage girls from besthomegallery.com

Home Theater Rooms Design

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home theater rooms, If you like to watch movie, and sometimes fill more enjoy for watch a movie on your home, why don't you build a personal home theater room? this time I will share you several sample of home theater rooms that you can apply one of them into your house.

Home theater rooms design 1

Personal home theater rooms
custom home theater room
perfect home theater room design

DIY Home Decor Tips and Picture

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY home decor or Do It by Yourself is mean that all of things that we can do by self in decorating a home, Now I will share you several DIY home decor tips from tipjunkie, it contains of easy step by step to decorate your own house by your self.
DIY Home Decor
The first picture is creating a framed jewelry organizer, and than a photo frame, zig zag rug and The any-paper holder. You can read about how to create a framed jewelry organizer on theprojectprowler.blogspot.com.

DIY home decoration
The 5'th picture is the Painting counter tops 6. Tips to have a beautiful home and keep your pets 7. Thrifty Bedroom: Butterfly Confidence 8. Hanging topiary ball adorned with pink ruffles.

Home Decor tips for New Year Eve

Monday, December 5, 2011

Home decor for new year eve is simple, you can classically decorate your home with the same with last year decoration. Commonly, a new year home decor is just adding several accessories such as balloon, candles, cut of papers, metallic star, etc. Here are the latest SERP about home decor for new year eve:

  1. Change your living room into a cool dance floor. Make a disco ball by buying a plain hand made paper (ball shaped) lamp shade and stick the old compact CD bits on the lamp shade. Place it at the centre of your dance floor and dance with your own disco set up
  2. Showcasing the events that happened in last year. Make a collage of photographs relating to top news stories or personal events mentioning the time and date the events took place.
  3. Consider adding décor into your festivities as well! It can be as simple as adding star punches to your hats and horn blowers or more involved projects if you have time. It's fun to throw confetti, but it can kind of be a pain.
  4. Translate that charm to the everyday by using portable lamps to illuminate any remaining dark or dreary areas in your house.

Your decorations can also be practical. Enter these napkins and stemmed glass markers! Simply punching the corner of your beverage napkins with a star hand punch quickly and easily adds a custom look to an otherwise utilitarian item.
To create drink markers, stamp the clock from the Tartan 'n Time stamp set using the mini stamp press onto assorted, colorful cardstocks so each person can have their own color. Punch out with large squeeze punch and punch out center with pop-up circle punch. Cut a slit from outer edge to center to feed onto stem. Now you have solved any drink confusion in advance as well as added to your festive décor!

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