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Combining storehouse furniture to create a niche livingroom

Thursday, February 26, 2009

niche livingroom
niche livingroomHere are several best interior room design by combining a several of furniture, including floor cabinets, wall mounted storage cabinet, and Wooden Shelves fixed to wall. Its also can be combined by lounge chair and rug. [casamodern]

At CasaModern, homeowners and interior designers alike will find different styles, brands and ideas in a premier online design resource for looking for modern and contemporary designer furniture. Architects, designers, trade professionals and discerning customers will find this resource helpful in evaluating rapidly changing interior design demands and home decor tastes of the Indian market.
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The New Style of Minimalist Room Design

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

house remodeling with minimalist room designA new look of minimalist room design from HDB, conducted for a range of low income people to the middle income, a new style that breaks traditions and notions. On above picture, there is a modern bedroom design with wooden floor, there is a small space on the corner that used for bookcase. A house remodeling ideas that bring new look in home improvement concept to be one of best home design.
modern dinning roomA new look of modern dinning room with creative wall design. Wall remodeling bring the new sense and look of contemporary and modern concept. This modern dinning room had balance composition between dinning furniture, room's lighting, floor and wall design.
modern living roomAnother wall design as a room divider with another room, this simple room used a glass table, the sofa have a minimalist style with lower and rectangle shape. Maximize below minimalist room with convenience "small office" in our house, a smart house remodeling ideas.
a smart house remodeling ideas

Purple Color in minimalist room design

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

minimalist room designWall as the main component of room can be colored as we like, a few people like to use purple color, as the combination of blended blue and red.
minimalist room designhere are several purple sofa and modern chair with purple color, the purple color need a combination with another dark and bright color. Dark color for floor and the bright color is for wall.
minimalist room design

Minimalist Room Design on Modern Interior

Monday, February 23, 2009

minimalist room designI posted several minimalist room design, a trend of several latest year in best home remodeling design, this style of home decorating and furniture arranging is still the favorite for everyone that want to maximize their usage of rooms.
minimalist room designThis simple concept use a newly look of furniture shape with unusual and creative construction, so we can't imagine about the basic rule of minimalist room design.
minimalist room design

Traditional Fireplace, Make Your Room Warm

fireplaceA traditional and antique fireplace is one of artistic option on fireplace choosing, completed with a simple of egypt or Italian wall design, can make our room warmer while enjoying the sense of naturality in the midle of the cold of day.
fireplacethere a lot of way to create a best home design, fireplace is one of important room's component to get a convenience environtment.

Don't Do this on Home Design, Big Mistake Decoration

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Mistake DecorationThere are several mistakes on home design, not suitable color choice, how to locate the right furniture on the right place, the function and the location of furniture etc, on above picture, its a big mistake to put much picture on your wall, its look an irreguler arangement of decoration.

How about above picture, a really-really bad room, don't locate too much or fully decoration or furniture, to avoid this, we can use several minimalist furniture.Big Mistake DecorationYes, it looks that the room is good, but there a little mistake, never put a floating or a chair with roller over the rug, its a malfunction. The best way to avoid a mistake in home designing is read a lot of book about home design, and find out other best home design.

Chinese Modern Interior Design from Yoka.com

Friday, February 20, 2009

minimalist room designDark Blue, Purple and another dark color is the common trend color for interior design in Chinese style right now, based on Yoka's design, these are several best home design interior with more dark colors.
minimalist room designA combination of dark blue table and white chair.
minimalist room design
a combination of purple chair with a creative modern wall decorations.

3D Interior Design for Modern and Minimalist House Design

minimalist kitchen designWhat is your favorite color for your interior?, It doesn't matter anymore after you seen these picture, several sample of 3D interior design for modern and minimalist room design from virtual company, a Spain home design style. A series of creating best home design with house remodeling steps.
minimalist bedroom design
best home design

Natural Color in Modern Furniture for Best Home Design

Monday, February 9, 2009

best home designGreen, Yellow and Orange are several natural color that usually used for designing a modern home or furniture, as a best home design, it is not just use a minimalist design only, the color of furniture also can improve the beauty of the room, here are several natural color for modern furniture. On the first page, there is a teen bedroom with yellow floral wall design. A really best room design for teen..!
best home designhere are another natural color of a studying room, the usage of these natural room can improve the convenience that can make the person who learning on this room can stay longer.
best home designThis in another minimalist bedroom with natural color, an unique vertical line wall with a smart composition make this room looks higher than the real.
best home design in green This is another green color of bedroom with a pink composition. A smart composition of room color design. [Via-virtual company]

Interior 3D Design for Dominican Style

Interior 3D DesignA special of interior design in 3D, a Dominican style home design with natural lighting and minimalist furniture, look at the ventilations, there are a lot of ventilation to make the room more lightning, several couple of glasses wall make this room suitable for small store or an outlet.
Interior 3D Design
Interior 3D Design

Zongluquan Interior Design, a modern home design

Thursday, February 5, 2009

After seeing this bathroom, I can image that this shower design is one of best sexy shower design. Completed with glass curtain, you can see every body who taking a shower on this bathroom.
This is one of the most traditional sense of all Zongluquan's room, completed with a small traditional mirror.
A niche kitchen, designed for medium size, suitable for minimalist based home design, the best kitchen design.
A dinning room is located near other room, connected with a hall with hanging decoration or a sculpture decoration.

Traditional Style Bathroom, Past Elegant Design

Traditional Style BathroomPast design is not always not become a trend on next time, in several year, the trends are rotating, So, don't be afraid to design a traditional bathroom. No body knows what the next trend in home design, it's just a prediction.
Traditional Style Bathroom
Traditional Style Bathroom

Office Interior Design of Fuji Xerox Co.,Ltd. by Yoshikage Noguchi and Kenji Ikeda

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In addition to create a convenience and good looks office, Xerox give and believe the construction of interior desing to Yoshikage and Kenji as ILYA's Interior designers. It's a really new look of niche interior office with curve based design at every decoration. Special lighting design is described the power of Xerox, as a company of electronics product.

Current Trends In Housing a Best Home Design

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Current Trends In Housing a Best Home DesignNowadays home design trends are reflected by today's diversity of lifestyles and personal preferences, developers in the housing field are offering customized interior planning and color coordination for the individual dwellings within complexes to meet the varied lifestyle needs of their residents. The most important thing to find the best home design based on our personality is mining about our hobbies and interest, after that, we can apply a house remodeling or designing new one. But it's not usually as current trend in home improvement. Here are the photo's of a simple and elegant persoality home design.
Current Trends In Housing a Best Home Design
Current Trends In Housing a Best Home Design
Current Trends In Housing a Best Home Design
Current Trends In Housing a Best Home Design

General Lighting's Office Interior Design

Monday, February 2, 2009

The offices of any corporation are a symbol of the company in the eyes of the public and its employees. Successful office design accurately expresses the company's philosophy and corporate identity. In response to today's rapidly changing and diverse business and work styles, a solid interior plan will also create a flexible work environment that suits, supports and enhances specific business activities, and improves overall productivity. So, It's important to create a balanced of function and image on office room. General Lighting do the same way by designing their office by Ilya.


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