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Gallery of Living Room Design with Great Views

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Living room design become a focal point in a house, so its a great idea if we have a living room with special views such as on below pictures. I found this amazing collection of great living room design with a great view from deand-unlimited, I hope this gallery will inspire you and give you a great experience in home design. Clear your busy mind and take a wander with us through this parade of stunning living rooms.

The first picture is a wooden living room from Ando Studio, designed with wood ceiling and floor, this living room is covered with a set of glass wall,  Here are the pictures.

wooden living room with wood ceiling and floor

glassed wall living room with a great view
Above picture is another great living room with an amazing view, If you are lucky enough to find yourself submerged in dream views like these, ensure your room design is kept airy and uncomplicated to allow the eye to naturally find the beauty beyond, rather than conflict with it.

natural stone for a great living room
white living room with natural stone fireplace

How to Decorate your Garden with Outdoor Lights

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garden become important to beautify our house, without a good lighting the garden will be a uninterested place at night, but by installing a proportional outdoor lights as an outdoor decoration, you will see a new amazing environment in your home. For outside lighting decorations, you need to measure the yard, among other basic steps, and have a plan of how you want to lay out your outdoor lights before you purchase them.
Outdoor lighting ideas

outdoor lighting for garden

outdoor lighting for walkway

outdoor lighting ideas

There are several places of your garden that needs lighting, front door of the garden, shrubbery, Walkway, Outdoor Tree and the Sculpture. For  front door lights, you can attach the lamps to the frame and feed the light down into the groove.

Drape it over a bush or shrub to create a blanket of light. It gives a perfect spaced set of lights that won't tangle. You can purchase sets with the different functions. To add a romantic sense,  you can installing a special lighting for the walkway. For your walkway use a universal light stake, which will accommodate any type of light. Thread the cord on one side and then the other side of the stake and pull it tight for a snug fit. Place the stakes in the ground and line the walkway with them.

If you have a several trees in your garden, you can also decorate the trees,  Put the lamps on the cord and over the branch, and they simply twist over themselves to keep your lights perfectly placed. And the last attach lights to wire sculpture with sculpture clips. Pop the clip to the wire frame and place your bulb right in the clip.

Contemporary River Cliff Home by Susie Johnson for Best Home Design

Monday, September 17, 2012

Below pictures are several best home design project by Susie Johnson, a high-end residential interiors that Emphasizing proper proportion and scale, as well as effective lighting, while maintaining the overall design style is Susie’s signature approach to personalizing a home to match her client’s personality and lifestyle.
Take a look at this gorgeous contemporary home designed by Susie Johnson Interior Design that has won awards in both the local and state American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) design compeitions in the Contemporary Homes over 3,000 square feet category. This home overlooking a river was designed for an experienced contractor, who wanted a cohesive merger of the interiors and the architecture of the home.

Painting ideas and fireplace for best home design
Painting ideas and fireplace for best home design
Simplicity can also be a great ideas, such as on this kitchen, The kitchen’s simplicity with rift-cut white oak cabinetry brings out the contemporary essence of the nickel surface appliances.
kitchen for best home design with simplicity
kitchen for best home design with simplicity

Home Spa Jacuzzi Design of Sasha Home Sauna

Sunday, September 9, 2012

This home spa jacuzzi has amazing interior design, this is the Sasha Home Sauna, Inspired by the highest sense of wellness, spa combines the Sasha home sauna, shower and a Hammam. Designed by the architect Alberto Apostoli Sasha has a modern design and professional services in a compact package that fits a modern home.
Home Spa Jacuzzi Design of Sasha Home Sauna
Home Spa Jacuzzi Design of Sasha Home Sauna
Home Spa Jacuzzi with wood, glass, steel and resin
Home Spa Jacuzzi with wood, glass, steel and resin

lighting for home spa
For the lighting,  found in the sauna, RGB LED lamps are in the bank and select the wall.

This home spa is made of wood, glass, steel and resin, Jacuzzi spa with water all the senses, smell, warmth and music will do. For the lighting,  found in the sauna, RGB LED lamps are in the bank and select the wall, while a touchpad can be different programs with color sequences are combined. The shower is surrounded by large areas of glass, and comes with three programs, soothing water to wash away your worries. Finally loaded the Hammam mix coats your body with warm dew, while the touch screen panel can use color to the various programs.

For more details, just see on the picture gallery, or read another related post about spa on below links.

Best Bathrom Design for Mid Year of 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Below pictures are several best bathroom design for mid year 2012, all the pictures are taken from the most popular image search of google search engine search page with the keyword of best bathroom design. I hope this gallery could inspire you to create your dream bathroom. take a look on this gallery and enjoy !
Best Bathroom Design 1

Best Bathroom Design 2

Best Bathroom Design 3

Best Bathroom Design 4

Best Bathroom Design 5


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