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Room Designing with Chinese Classic Furniture

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Designing room with Chinese classic furniture is quite easy, we can create shiny ideas and concepts of an antique sense, The renowned connoisseur and collector of classic furniture says such homes should instead focus on showcasing traditional pieces. They should include proud decors, such as Ming Dynasty-styled chairs, ebony cabinets painted in gilt lacquer, gold-painted patterned arhat beds made of Huanghuali wood and high-waist sandalwood tables.
Living with Ming: in a corner of the master bedroom, a Huanghuali Ming table and a southern official's armchair function as a desk area; above the desk hangs a textile from the Kaitag region of Daghestan, dated to the 18th-century or earlier. Neolithic pots, Japanese 19th-century baskets and a modern pot by Jeff Shapiro fill shelving units on either side. The landscape painting on silk is by Fu Shan (1607-1684 )
Floor-to-ceiling glass panels overlooking a central stairway help open up the interior of this four-storey London house. In the living room, things are kept architecturally minimal with white walls, a pale wood floor and spot lighting. The clean-lined approach is maintained with select pieces of pared-down antique furniture. A Ming luohan chuang (couch bed)-which would have originally been used for relaxation, meditation or conversation, often moved onto a terrace or into a garden to enjoy nature from-stands against the rear wall; to the left is a carved candlestand.
source: yunxingfurniture

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