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Home improvement with Outdoors Lights

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hang these Improvements Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights anywhere you need nighttime illumination. The motion sensor lights activate only when movement is detected (from up to 8 feet away). Each bright white LED light stays on for 30 seconds, lighting up a large area. They are perfect for deck steps, fence gates, indoor stairwells, closets or any space that needs illumination!
Home improvement with Outdoors Lights
Don't let those pesky wasps, yellow jackets or hornets stop you from enjoying your backyard, porch or deck. It's time to take back your outdoor space. The Improvements Wasp Trap Set
is a natural, pesticide-free solution that safely traps hornets, wasps and yellow jackets — and keeps them away from you and your family. Simply pour sweetened juice into these decorative and reusable traps and those stinging pests get in, but they can't get out.
Home improvement with Outdoors Lights

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