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Minimalist Bathroom as a small space solution

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love these minimalist bathroom design, as you see, these minimalist bathrooms are suitable as a solution for lack of space. Most minimalist advocates will insist on a neutral or monochromatic color theme, limiting themselves to various shades of a single color. While it does help keep things simple, it leaves little room for creativity. Here are several suggestion before you create a minimalistic bathroom or remodeling an old one.
Minimalist Bathroom as a small space solution
  • Function comes first

In a minimalist space, every detail draws attention and has to be there for a reason. A hanging arched faucet is both decorative and functional, as is a delicate bowl sink built into a counter. Look for smaller fixtures and furniture that offer the same comfort and function as their large counterparts.

Minimalist Bathroom as a small space solution
  • Organise your storage

Clutter can completely ruin a minimalist look, so it's important to put your things in neatly organized spaces. Minimalist storage involves setting a basic storage unit and installing it in groups. A row of small open shelves on the wall or cabinets under the counter is a good example. Also, make sure your cabinets fit into the simplistic theme – avoid visible hardware, large wooden doors, and elaborate knobs and handles. Some alternatives are touch latches, bar pulls, and plain knobs.

Minimalist Bathroom as a small space solution
  • Maximize available space

The key to a good minimalist bathroom is to leave wall and floor space as bare as possible. It doesn't have to be plain and boring – just stay away from busy patterns and oversized furniture. A simple line or curve is enough to break the monotony while keeping with the minimalist theme.

Minimalist Bathroom as a small space solution

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