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DesignSpotter Creative Work on Lighting System

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lighting is an important system that can easily make the room beautiful, modern home decoration use vest way to make the room looks elegant, one of them by using a lighting system. Here are several collection of creative work from DesignSpotter on lighting system.
DesignSpotter Creative Work on Lighting System

A spiral staircase with unusual balustrade. Glass Balusters with an inclined top allow for finger clearance and an ideal fixing point for the stainless steel handrail. The glass treads are supported by rolled interlocking stainless steel bracket welded to the pole.

Designer: Geoffrey Packer (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)

DesignSpotter Creative Work on Lighting System

orchid light is a feature pendant / table / floor standing light.
inspired by sensuous orchid flowers, each flower is hand dyed sometimes up to three different times, layering the colours in surprising and unexpected ways. Each light is made to order in 20% any colours you desire!

Designer: marc pascal (Australia)
Manufacturer: marc pascal - m2 products (Australia)
Inspired By: orchid flowers
Material: polycarbonate, stainless steel, Forton
Colours: made to order
Dimension: pendant aprox 110 x 850 x 850mm
Price: AUD 1400

DesignSpotter Creative Work on Lighting System

Pile Light is a lamp shade made from polypropylene which utilizes a curved grid structure with identical pieces of polypropylene attached to each 'window'. Peering through the center of the light is quite extraordinary!

Designer: Christopher Tomoya James (Australia)

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