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Feng Shui Based Asian Kitchen Design

Monday, December 7, 2009

A good feng shui kitchen brings good health and well beings to the occupant. This is an important room both in the East and West. Not only it reflects a family fortune and prosperity, it is also the most heavily trafficked room connected to fond memories of pleasant aromas and intimate conversation.

Feng Shui Based Asian Kitchen Design

Choosing the Right Feng Shui Colors

White is a good dominating color to use here as it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. This Metal element color goes well with the strong Fire element in this place (Fire destroy Metal. Refrain from using Red (Fire element), Black/Dark blue (Water element) and Green (Wood element) as the dominating element color. Introducing Fire and Wood elements (Wood Produce Fire) as the dominant color create an overwhelming Fire element in the kitchen. On the other hand, Water destroys Fire. Instead, selective introduction of light leafy green, Red and Dark Blue/Black to the kitchen color scheme are fine.

Furniture Placement

The heart of the kitchen is the stove and much emphasis is placed on its positioning.

* Take note that especially for the stove,

  1. Should not be directly in line with the front door.
  2. Should not be position directly under the window as it lacks support. If relocation is not possible then keep the blinds down while cooking.
  3. Should not be place directly beside the fridge or sink since this create direct clash of the water and fire elements. You may place green crystals between them to act as a moderator.
  4. Should be placed away from the direct line of door.
  5. If you live in a 2 storey building, ensure the stove is not place directly below the lavatory.
  6. Stove should not face the toilet.
Another rule of Feng Shui:
  • Keep the floor of kitchen in clean and clear, Do not put any items on the kitchen floor: It could be more dangerous than any other rooms in your house. It's not only about Feng Shui Kitchen or the energy flow, it's also a simple house safety rules.
  • Kitchen under ladder is not a good feng shui kitchen, Some small house has to use space under the ladders to be cooking area. This is not a good Feng Shui Kitchen at all. People who use the kitchen may have accident easily.
believe it or not, its just a rule of Asian feng shui based kitchen.



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