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This Year Best Home Design in Hollywood

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family_Room_TV_down-before-1 This Year Best Home Design in Hollywood
This is the best home design in Hollywood with including CinemaScope Theater, pop-pup television, and multiple surround-sound areas. This best home design of the Year sits among the Hollywood Hills, where the stars shine as brightly inside the homes as they do in the night sky. It's familiar with some of the A-list technologies here. The residence was designed and built by Temple Home, whose co-owner, Xorin Balbes, has earned recognition for his restoration of famous Los Angeles-area homes. Balbes and architect Paul Ashley brought the vision, and left the audio-visual pyrotechnics to DSI Entertainment Systems.
Family_Room_TV_down-after-2 This Year Best Home Design in Hollywood
No corners were spared in blending the cutting-edge theatrics with the clean and modern design, and neither do all the high-tech props compromise the views from nearly every room. The family room’s 60-inch plasma TV stays hidden when not in use, then rises from the floor on a quiet hydraulic lift. In the master bedroom, another flat panel pops up at the foot of the bed when powered on.

Also in the family room, round and trimless Sonance speakers pulse audio from inside the ceiling, while a Sonance subwoofer booms its bass from an inconspicuous mount in a wall. “We didn’t have any place for speakers in there,” Thies adds, “and if someone wasn’t looking for them, they wouldn’t notice anything.” Source: electronichouse

Master_Suite_-_TV_down-4 This Year Best Home Design in Hollywood

Master_bath_retracted_walls-5 This Year Best Home Design in Hollywood

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