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Modern Bathroom Design

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Modern Bathroom Design
Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom is one of important room in the house, a good and functional bathroom design can improve the value of the house. Most of people want to design their bathroom in modern design, a modern bathroom design is a bathroom that designed in new, cozy, contemporary design while still keeping the function of each bathroom element. Are you in the process to design your bathroom? If you want to do so, you must be looking for some good, fresh and latest ideas of modern and contemporary bathroom designs. The sample pictures displayed must be the ones you are looking for as the designs have followed the latest and modern trend of bathroom designs. The combination of wall color, ceramics, lighting and choice of bathtubs, sinks,faucets indicates the post modernism of bathroom designs. So, make sure that one of the bathroom designs displayed becomes your best choice to remodel your bathroom. Let’s build it and you will see the proof.

Eco-friendly bathroom
Whether planning a new bathroom or remodeling one, creating an eco-friendly bathroom can be a money-saving option that's healthy for the environment and the people living in the home. Creating an eco-friendly bathroom begins with considering the toxicity of the products used to equip it, as well as the way those items are manufactured.
  • Consider using ceramic tile for floors, countertops and walls surrounding the tub and shower. Ceramic tile is less prone to damage from moisture, and its negative impact on the environment during the manufacturing process also is low. Some tiles are even made from recycled products, such as discarded bottle glass.
  • Install a low-flow shower head, and save money on water and energy bills over time. New models no longer drastically reduce water flow, and they typically use about 2 gallons of water per minute. 
  • Save more water by installing an ultra-low flush toilet, which typically uses just over 1 gallon of water for flushing. Compare performance reviews before buying this type of toilet, because some models may clog. Dual-flush toilets have two knobs that allow users to conserve water by selecting the amount needed for flushing waste.

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