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Cafe Interior Design of Kith with Custom Made Furniture by Hjgher

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cafe Interior Design is a hot topic in home design, such as this unique cafe on Singapore, this is Kith Cafe. Designed by Singapore based Hjgher Studi, The new cafe features custom-made flexible and movable furniture units. Here is some information by the Kith CafĂ©, “It was not just a matter of coming up with a Kith Cafe, but creating a complete Kith experience. This meant no fancy lampshades, mass-manufactured furniture, or unnecessarily printed materials were to be used in its interior. Instead, the focus was on delivering an unassuming space that could support Kith’s honest philosophy and ethos.

I love the furniture design, The custom-made furniture for the seating area was designed to be flexible and movable, to break down personal space barriers and encourage customers to interact. To maximize floor space, most modular blocks can double as either a table or a bench; and even used to seat two people instead of one as needed. This way, the small space can accommodate a group of up to twenty. For more details, you can visit http://www.hjgher.com/

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