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Wirelessly LED Glass for Modern Home Design

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wirelessly LED Glass Product for Modern Home Design
LEDs are wirelessly encapsulated inside laminated glass - Can be used in skylights, glass stair systems, facades, and ceilings - A conductive layer applied to the base glass transmits power across the pane to the LEDs - Sizes up to 51 inches by 98 inches 0.4-inch or 0.6-inch thicknesses - Foil or insulating glass laminate - Control options include flashing, running, and animations
Wirelessly LED Glass Product for Modern Home Design
LightPoints™ LED glass is the unique way to add an upscale, dramatic look to locations such as airports, hotels and office buildings. The limitless list of applications includes skylights, glass handrails, lit building facades, elevator ceilings and advertising signs. Produced and Patented by SCHOTT, The LightPoints™ LED glass system features light-emitting diodes (LEDs) wirelessly encapsulated inside laminated glass. Electricity flows throw a pre-structured clear conductive coating, eliminating the need for visible wiring. LED glass requires virtually no maintenance; in fact, LightPoints™ LED Glass can last decades without being replaced.
Wirelessly LED Glass Product for Modern Home DesignAlign Center

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